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Torga the Hutt has posted advertisements all over the city. He offers Imperial credit incentives for those that wish to compete in what he calls “The Ultimate Experience”. Grand prize is offered a YG-4210 freighter.

Quest ALIEN INVASION (CR3+, .5 Levels XP)
It’s more than just rumors now. Large, non-sentient creatures have been let loose upon the lower levels. No one has yet to confirm losing a shipment, but the authorities are certain that is what happened. The lower levels of your quadrant are in chaos as the acidic beasts prey upon the passerby.

Quest SPECIAL DELIVERY (CR1+, 0.25 Levels XP)
Gillian Gorbo, a local merchant, is looking to short-term hire a group to transport his deliveries across the city. He’s willing to pay 50 credits per day, plus a 100 credit bonus if you work the whole week (6 days).

Quest EMPIRE’S MAN (CR2+, .5 Levels XP)
The Imperial Emissary here on Nar Shaddaa is always looking for new recruits and offers a sizable hiring bonus.

Quest CLEANING HOUSE (CR2+, .5 Levels XP)
You need to clean out your factory, if you plan to stay here long term.

Quest BUY, SELL, TRADE (CR3+, .5 Levels XP)
You need to set up a few suppliers to build your droids, as well as figure out how you’ll sell them.

If you’ve ever been curious at what your manufacturing competition looks like here on Nar Shaddaa, this is your chance. Bot Construction Co. is requesting those who are both experienced with droids and well armed to visit their facility and assist them with something that they call a “minor inconvenience”.

Quest BOUNCING DEWBACK (CR3+, .5 Levels XP)
Molly, from the Prancing Dewback, has contacted some of her most trusted patrons (including yourselves) and has enquired if your services might be for hire for a night or two. The message says little more, but does mention that someone has threatened her establishment.


Open Quest Log

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