Rules for Speeders

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Speeders and speeder combat work in specific ways inside the tabletop experience. This system is designed to help determine outcomes in player vs. speeder and speeder vs. speeder scenarios.

This system is playtest and is not fully based on any comparable 5e experience. As such, no guarantees are made that rules or individual vehicle stats will never change. However, a speeder will never be singularly buffed or debuffed in a way that drastically affects its rank amongst the spreadsheet.

When mounted in a speeder, you have the effective speed listed on the speeder. You fly from 1’ to 20’ off the ground in 5’ increments.

If you fall from a speeder while it is moving, you take 1d6 damage per 10’ in height, multiplied by how fast you’re going divided by 50. If the speeder is destroyed with you on it, you fall. All falls require a Dex check to save for half.

Example: A character traveling at 20’h and going 100 fpt (feet per turn) will take 2d6 x 2 (or 4d6) damage from the fall with a dex save.

A speeder’s movement speed is very important. If you have a higher movement speed than your opponent, your opponent rolls attacks against you at disadvantage. All disadvantages against speeders and their occupants only apply if the speeder is traveling at at least 75 fpt.

Hit Points:
Your speeder has a set number of hitpoints. It costs 2 credits per hit point to restore hitpoints back to your speeder up to its maximum. If your speeder’s hit points fall below 0, you must spend ½ the cost of the speeder to repair it.

Example: A speeder takes 40 damage and would have to be repaired for 80 Credits once outside of combat and during a long rest in a safe environment with shop access.

Your speeder has an AC all to its own. It does not replace your AC.

Player’s In Speeders:
When you are in the speeder, you are partially protected by the speeder and how fast it’s going. While you are moving, pedestrian opponent’s attack you at disadvantage. If the speeder has the “enclosed” feature, you cannot be attacked at all.

On the other hand, while you are in the speeder, your hand weapon attacks are also used at disadvantage. This disadvantage takes precedence and is not balanced out by an opposed advantage (like flanking).

Armed Speeders:
Armed speeders have built-in weaponry. This weaponry can be fired at pedestrian and speeder alike without disadvantage. However, if the opposing enemy is a speeder, and that speeder is moving at a higher speed than you, you still roll at disadvantage.

Player’s Outside of Speeders:
When you are outside a speeder, you have disadvantage on attacking those inside. You cannot attack a player inside an enclosed speeder directly.

Link to Spreadsheet
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