Star Wars: Kicking the Rancor

Session 6

Quite a bit happened this week, so this will short and to the point.

(.5) Some of the party noticed a few small humanoids in the scrapyards near the shop at the end of last session.

(1) Took the Sallazaar bounty, found him, and, with the help of a Rawoor Clan wookiee was able to take him down. The wookiee died.

(2) Looted, among other things, a suite of Power Armor and Fearblade.

Fearblade (Trandoshan Torch Vibrosword)
This black and scorched sword has small ports on both sides that secrete oil and can be ignited by using a bonus action. The ports make it difficult to wield one-handed, imposing disadvantage unless wielded two-handed.
Damage: 1d10+1d6fire.
Special Abilities: On a 6 rolled fire damage, the target is covered in black oil and is set ablaze. On a rolled 1 attack roll, you take 1d6 points fire damage. Every round the sword is lit, the bearer takes 1 point of damage.

Skinned Sallazaar and received 1000 Credit bounty.

(3) Sold loot, purchased Control Panel, and went to Hooley’s Parts & Scrap to swipe the Hydro Pistons. HK inadvertently may have killed Old Hooley during the heist.

(4) Assembly is up and running and the first, scrap-made cleaning droid has been created.

(5) Paid the first week’s utility bill of 400 Credits by selling off more loot.

(6) Negotiated with Nar Shaddaa Metals for the needed Agrinium at 100 Credits per droid with a minimum purchase of 5. WATCO-44 is your contact.

(7) Negotiated with Droid Emporium for the needed AI Cores at 75 Credits per droid with a minimum purchase of 10.

(8) Returned wookiee’s weapons to Rawoor Clan and received a thank-you of 250 Credits.

(9) Matt chose to start a profession of Droid Maintenance with a minor in Accounting. Micah chose to be the Contract Agent, in charge of purchasing for the factory. HK has decided to use his spare time to try and recover more of his lost memories.

Session 5
Cleaning House

In this session, the party got to know the hidden factory a bit more and dealt with selling off scrap.

After completing the fight against the Orbitus 99, the group got to know the HK and Deebz droids that were the only remaining residents of the building.

After Matt rolled a natural 20, the HK allowed him to attempt maintenance. Continuing to roll well, Matt was well on his way to repairing the droid — a feat not unnoticed by the protocol droid.

The group was offered ownership and management of the facility, something that they immediately accepted. Deebz gave them a list of materials needed to get the factory up and running and told them about a Bossuk Roach infestation.

Narrowly, the party managed to wipe out the creatures without loss, with both Matt and Nick going down and forcing the remaining two to battle the queen roach by themselves.

After this, the party went back to their apartments above for the night, stole a ton of stuff from the building, ransacked their rooms, and left without fulfilling their contract.

They also took the bodies of the stormtroopers, rolled them in acid, and disguised it as an incident in the other apartment’s shafts. This Officer Campion accepted. He also offered Micah a sizable hiring bonus, should he ever wish to join the Empire.

Once back in the factory, the group split up, with Matt and Alex choosing to begin the cleaning process, and Nick explored the junkyard nearby with Micah.

The party successfully found some of the materials needed for the repairs, along with several hundred credits worth of easily resalable items. (This took several days). One of the items found was a beautiful desk. Matt was able to pick the lock and they found credits and a modified blaster inside.

Finally, the party took the desk above and tried peddling it. Alex was able to locate a potential buyer, an obese Zabrak named Fredger who couldn’t be intimidated, no matter how hard the party tried.

In the end, it was through sheer negotiation that the desk was sold, and the party walked away with stimulants and even more credits.

Session 4
Hidden Tunnels and Factories

In this session the party was split. Alex and Matt went down into the tunnel, while Micah and Nick went to warn the Imperials.

Alex and Matt followed the maintenance shaft down and discovered a small room deep under the street level. From there a secret door led them to a railway system that took them past a loading dock. This they explored and discovered a factory patrolled by weaponized protocol droids. These they tried to convince that the players were technicians, in order to further chase the rebels. The plan may have worked too well, as one group of protocol droids pulled Alex away and further into the complex, while the other group assisted Matt. Alex eventually found himself in a creepy tunnel where the droids abandoned him.

Meanwhile, Micah and Nick convinced the Imperials to send a small squad to investigate. Evidence was gathered in the apartment and they quickly followed after the rest of the group. Once they got to the factory, however, they found that the protocol droids would not let the stormtroopers through and now Matt was nowhere to be found.

The session ended in a battle between a large Orbitus 99 droid and the party. Towards the end of the party, they found themselves aided by HK-01D. Once the fight was over, they found that the stormtroopers and protocol droids had also had a fight and the only survivor was D-23B.

Session 2
Where things went slightly less kaboom.
Session 1
It all started here.

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