Merrick Tynan

A Miraluka character played by Micah.


Race: Miraluka
Class: Level 2 Scout, Level 1 Scoundrel


Merrick was thirteen when they game. A band of pirates, forced off their normal route due to skirmishes between local cartels, fell on his home for sport and supplies. A large Cathar named Iman Pho led the gang, and cut down his family. In a fit of rage and desperation Merrick leapt at Iman from the shadows. Though he caught the captain unawares, he did not have the strength or skill necessary to be any more than an annoyance.Iman, amused and impressed at the boys ferocity decided to take Merrick with him.

For several years Merrick was forced to work aboard the pirates’ modified starfreighter, doing what he must to survive. When he had moments to sneak away Merrick would ask one of the crew members, an HK unit, for advice on killing. K1-ll3R was delighted to teach him how to kill meatbags, as it was his own favorite past time. Over time Merrick grew to be friends of sorts with the droid, who was his only real company aboard the ship.

Eventually the pirates luck ran out. After a botched heist the ship was shot down near Nar Shadaa. Merrick was able to make it aboard an escape shuttle with the HK unit in time, and set course for the planet’s surface. Used to poor conditions, and a rough life he quickly got used to running the unfriendly streets of his new home.

Merrick Tynan

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