Khyven Aenirez

A Nautolan character played by Matt.


Race: Nautolan
Class: Level 3 Scoundrel
Background: Hired Killer

CONTACT: Grunnel


Long since separated from his family, and having never even seen his home world, a young “Khyven” quickly found himself falling into work that was less than legal. His name changed so many times, he didn’t even remember his real name. It wasn’t long before the shady work became a kill command. Not yet built for assaulting targets on the street he instead put his mind to work setting up various small traps. After putting on a show of heroics to “save” his target from a “threat” he put himself in the position of friend for the important person. After a few weeks another more seasoned hunter came to collect on the bounty. Killing the target and framing the new hunter put “Khyven” up from both rewards, until his contact decided to betray him during the credit transfer and for him into hiding: hiding in the best place possible for a small time criminal, the slums of Nar Shadaa.

Khyven Aenirez

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