Star Wars: Kicking the Rancor

Quite a bit happened this week, so this will short and to the point.

(.5) Some of the party noticed a few small humanoids in the scrapyards near the shop at the end of last session.

(1) Took the Sallazaar bounty, found him, and, with the help of a Rawoor Clan wookiee was able to take him down. The wookiee died.

(2) Looted, among other things, a suite of Power Armor and Fearblade.

Fearblade (Trandoshan Torch Vibrosword)
This black and scorched sword has small ports on both sides that secrete oil and can be ignited by using a bonus action. The ports make it difficult to wield one-handed, imposing disadvantage unless wielded two-handed.
Damage: 1d10+1d6fire.
Special Abilities: On a 6 rolled fire damage, the target is covered in black oil and is set ablaze. On a rolled 1 attack roll, you take 1d6 points fire damage. Every round the sword is lit, the bearer takes 1 point of damage.

Skinned Sallazaar and received 1000 Credit bounty.

(3) Sold loot, purchased Control Panel, and went to Hooley’s Parts & Scrap to swipe the Hydro Pistons. HK inadvertently may have killed Old Hooley during the heist.

(4) Assembly is up and running and the first, scrap-made cleaning droid has been created.

(5) Paid the first week’s utility bill of 400 Credits by selling off more loot.

(6) Negotiated with Nar Shaddaa Metals for the needed Agrinium at 100 Credits per droid with a minimum purchase of 5. WATCO-44 is your contact.

(7) Negotiated with Droid Emporium for the needed AI Cores at 75 Credits per droid with a minimum purchase of 10.

(8) Returned wookiee’s weapons to Rawoor Clan and received a thank-you of 250 Credits.

(9) Matt chose to start a profession of Droid Maintenance with a minor in Accounting. Micah chose to be the Contract Agent, in charge of purchasing for the factory. HK has decided to use his spare time to try and recover more of his lost memories.


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