Star Wars: Kicking the Rancor

Session 4

Hidden Tunnels and Factories

In this session the party was split. Alex and Matt went down into the tunnel, while Micah and Nick went to warn the Imperials.

Alex and Matt followed the maintenance shaft down and discovered a small room deep under the street level. From there a secret door led them to a railway system that took them past a loading dock. This they explored and discovered a factory patrolled by weaponized protocol droids. These they tried to convince that the players were technicians, in order to further chase the rebels. The plan may have worked too well, as one group of protocol droids pulled Alex away and further into the complex, while the other group assisted Matt. Alex eventually found himself in a creepy tunnel where the droids abandoned him.

Meanwhile, Micah and Nick convinced the Imperials to send a small squad to investigate. Evidence was gathered in the apartment and they quickly followed after the rest of the group. Once they got to the factory, however, they found that the protocol droids would not let the stormtroopers through and now Matt was nowhere to be found.

The session ended in a battle between a large Orbitus 99 droid and the party. Towards the end of the party, they found themselves aided by HK-01D. Once the fight was over, they found that the stormtroopers and protocol droids had also had a fight and the only survivor was D-23B.


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